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(We have salads, too)

The slider house is a modern day juke joint, known for creating sliders so flavorful they will blow your mind. In a world of giant restaurants with giant burgers, we believe the art of making sliders was lost. Our mission is to reinvent and set a new standard for sliders. If you thought they were just about beef – think again. We are revolutionizing the way you think about what is possible between two small buns. We offer creative, hand-crafted flavor, sourcing as many local inspirations and ingredients as possible. Lobster? Check. Paleo Slider? Yup, check that too. If you can imagine it, we are doing it. Welcome to the #SliderRevolution.

And we don't just care about sliders; we care about our city, country, and environment. We partner with local food scene rock stars in St. Louis to bring you exceptional menu items. Our huge selection of craft cans means there's always a perfect pairing for any of our offerings. Plus, all those cans of beer you drink get recycled. Yes, recycling is a pain, but so was packing so much deliciousness into tiny sliders... and we nailed that!

There's something for everyone here at The Slider House. We offer a children's menu, vegetarian options, gluten-free menu items, and a full bar. Whether you're a burger connoisseur or just someone who loves food with heart & soul, come down and join the Slider Revolution. We guarantee you're going to love it.
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